I was born in Denver, Colorado but most of my life I grew up in Vermont. My family was always packing up the car to venture off somewhere and I swear I grew up spending half of my childhood in the woods; hiking, camping and traveling.

I graduated from an outward-bound school, based out of Stowe, Vermont and then went on to The Rhode Island School of Design.

I grew up with a strong background in arts. Including but not limited to watercolor, furniture restoration, crochet, silversmithing, sewing, knitting, stenciling and essentially any medium I could get my hands on.

After many years performing a variety of jobs, to being an Administrative Assistant at Stowe Mountain Resort for several years, I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, while raising two beautiful boys, now young men.

During this time, my love of arts was replaced with a passion for healing.  After a couple of years in college for massage, reiki and foot reflexology, I became the sole proprietor of Divine Touch Foot Reflexology as a second-generation reflexologist from 2003 until 2013 until a thumb injury made it impossible to realistically continue practicing solely on Foot Reflexology.

My diversified interests and varied employment, combined with a sincere desire to help people, has brought me to a time in my life where I wish to remain independent and share with others pieces of what I do best.  Hence the reason Household Personal Assistant – Peace of Mind came into fruition, but hasn’t been my full-time focus until February of 2018!

Relatively new to the Southern end of Colorado Springs, I would be honored to work as your Household Personal Assistant or aid anyone with Special Events independently for you or by your side.

Rockhounding @ The THANK YOU LORD mine on Mount Antero


Good food, being out in nature, rock hounding, laughter, traveling, time with family and enlightened people, walks with my dog Hutch and enjoying all the beauty that the West has to offer!