(More to come as I settle into this New Position)

Dindah is talented and wonderful to work with. She’s a great listener and adds idea’s that both compliment and challenge. She does her homework, is very capable and has the ability to decorate and paint. I’m glad that I have Dindah working with me.
Richard B. – Website

Dindah transformed our chaotic house into an organized and peaceful space. She came to our rescue when I could barely get around after extensive foot surgery and cheerfully did the walking for me.
She had lots of ideas on how to achieve order but most of all I appreciated her respect for what did or didn’t work for us. She really works to give you what you want, not just what she wants for you. Tell her what you want to accomplish and without the need to personally know all the steps, she’ll independently carry out a plan.
Trustworthy with high morals. I am so glad I found her and I bet you will be too.

Karen S. – Website

Dindah brought a cheerful upbeat personality and put her creative energy to work helping me downsize, organize files and decorate which has made my living area inviting. I no longer have clutter or waste time looking for things, because my belongings have a designated place.
An unexpected bonus is that I have found that an organized home, has given me “Peace of Mind”

Ron P. – Referral

Dindah has actively supported Exit Tours Motorcycle Club since 2016 as my part-time assistant.
Highly social, very organized and sweet… Dindah plays a vital role in keeping everything on track.

Michael B.

Dindah offers what is considered priceless when you and your family are going through a crisis or a major change in lifestyle due to many factors, but for me I was faced with a completely disabled mom when I was 12. It was a role reversal that I wasn’t prepared for and then a few years later my oldest sister was disabled though she recovered. HPA-Peace of Mind literally can bring you peace of mind with even the smallest tasks. Great person to her community!
R. Kostecki – Alignable

Cleaning out my closet and organizing my wardrobe was a task I was dreading. I am so happy that I found Dindah through Thumbtack. She helped tremendously, making the job much faster and easier than I could imagine. Her personality is wonderful and she is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her for any task or project someone might have. I have scheduled her for another project in late November.
Lisa H. – Thumbtack

Dindah is such a talented and organized woman. I was in the middle of redecorating when I hit a wall and ran out of time and ideas. I reached out to Dindah and she took control. Dindah painted the walls and trim in 3 bedrooms as well as giving me idea’s and even helped me with the final decorating touches.
I couldn’t stop there, I asked her to take over the bathroom project and the outside painting around the deck. I am amazed at how easy she makes it look and what a wonderful precise job she did. The fee was very reasonable, and I would highly recommend her for any task that she may come upon.

Joann H. – Thumbtack

Dindah and her son were GREAT! They moved furniture, rearranged things and my house looks amazing. I am excited to have company again!!!
Brian L. – Thumbtack

Dindah gives me some hours when I’m overwhelmed with “stuff” and I highly recommend her. She is quick, resourceful and does good work!
C. Schreuder, Broadmoor Hills – Nextdoor Neighbor

I have had Dindah help me decorate for the holidays, for the last three seasons. As a customer with a disability, Dindah has been so wonderful. She takes extreme care with our home and making sure that there is no damage while putting up the tree and my nearly 40 year collection of ornaments.
While working, she is cheerful and a delightful conversationalist. I was most impressed with her ability to remember the placement of all our decorations from one year to the next. I feel lucky to have found Dindah and look forward to seeing her every Christmas.

R. Rogers, Broadmoor Bluffs – Nextdoor Neighbor

Dindah was just breathe of fresh air to this role. She’s organized, punctual and pitches in based on your needs and goes above and beyond to make sure you are a happy, satisfied client.
I recommend Dindah highly as a Personal Assistant for anyone who needs that extra hand to get ready for an event, purge or post knee replacement surgery (twice).
She is an excellent cook too!
Susan Quirk, Principal at Sg2; Consulting Solution within Vizient

Dindah’s can do attitude brought me through over a year’s worth of home projects that had been stalled – primarily due to emotional barriers and procrastination. There are few words to describe the feeling after completing a total bedroom makeover or the complete reorganization of closets throughout the house or to sort through years of paperwork set aside in piles. She was personal assistant extraordinaire and vital in keeping me on track with what I needed to do to reach my goal. Her personal touch to everything, brought nothing short of magic to my home.
I miss Dindah tremendously since she relocated to a different State and I highly recommend her for any assistance involving any degree of difficulty.
Ann Marie Harmon, Verilux Lighting



Dindah is an exceptional Reflexologist and every time I see her I enjoy it wholeheartedly –
Not only is she great at what she does but she is also a pleasure to be around as a person. I couldn’t recommend her higher!!!
Claudia Stauber, Owner of Claudia’s Cabin Rentals

I love Dindah! During our sessions, I am able to let go of the days worries and relax. She is able to detect areas in the body that are out of balance, just by working on your feet and then she works to correct them.
I leave feeling energized and refreshed. I highly recommend a session with Dindah!
Molly Johnston, Owner of Green Spirit Medicine

Dindah’s foot reflexology is fabulous! She really understands how the nerves in your feet impact your whole system.
I would highly recommend foot reflexology by Dindah to help with any medical issues you may have.
Yvette Randolph, Owner at Green Mountain Travel Planner

I tried my first reflexology with Dindah not knowing what to expect. I have had some great foot and leg massages but never reflexology. Needless to say, the experience was fantastic! Dindah is a true professional in this art.
Like massage, this is something everyone should experience.
James Hermanowski, Driving Business Performance with Science & Data

Dindah was an integral part of our staff at Alta Day Spa and her commitment to continuing education, knowledge of the body and its systems plus her gentle soothing voice allow for a healing treatment inside and out.
Dindah now operates, as a second location, her business in my space at Complexions in Historic Waitsfield, VT. I approached Dindah with this opportunity based on our past history, knowing her commitment to care and trustworthy personality, this coupled with her experience as a seasoned second-generation reflexologist, she is second to none.
Joanie Kavanaugh, Licensed Esthetician and Owner Of Complexions