Without judgement, I find it very rewarding to work with clients during the decluttering process in order to organize.  Combining my natural ability to have tunnel vision on any task at the forefront, my clients find this process to be incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Decluttering and being organized is not an easy task for many people and most often they just don’t have the time to commit 100%. Hence my value in this service!  Once you’ve decided to schedule decluttering and the task is completed, I can independently run with dispersing the contents and handle the organizational piece.  Moving forward, once organized the upkeep comes naturally and life becomes more manageable.


  • Offices naturally tend to get cluttered.  How’s your filing system?
  • Do you have adequate storage and/or shelving?
  • Is your office desk facing a wall, with your back to the door?
  • Do you have an organized space for supplies or is everything scattered all over   your office?
  • Are you operating at optimum level, so you can focus on what matters?


  • Do you have broken items laying around, that you’ve been meaning to fix or order parts for?  Have it fixed or get rid of it!
  • Do you visibly have clutter everywhere?
  • Do you have adequate storage space, via closed door cabinets or furniture for things that don’t need to be visible?
  • Do you need help going through your clothes closet, then donating what you no longer use?
  • Have you recently become an empty nester and need assistance creating a renewed space, based on your desires?
  • Throughout the years, have you accumulated so much stuff that it’s overwhelming? With efficient and focused assistance, making decisions about what to let go of and what to keep is allot easier than you think, once you start the process and truly becomes a joy!

Are you ready to lose the chaos in your life and start this personal and incredibly satisfying journey to enlightenment?


  • Having guests and need someone to make sure the house is in order?
  • Expecting a package requiring a signature or service delivered? I offer Home Waiting Service.
  • Need an extra hand decorating for the holidays?
  • Do you need someone to pick up your mail and review it with you long distance?
  • Home checks while you are away.
  • Away and need someone to meet with your landscaper, plumber or contractor?
  • Has your car been sitting idle too long and you need someone to take it for a drive? 
  • Upon your return, do you want fresh flowers picked up for a warm welcome home?
  • Do you need someone to pick up groceries and stock your refrigerator?
  • Enough said… You get the idea! The possibilities are endless.

For all those things you either don’t have a desire to do or the time, I welcome the opportunity to meet those needs and bring you Peace of Mind.


I have a 10 year secretarial background. Admittedly, this is not my favorite service but I’m really good at it and more than happy to assist if need be!



  • Specializing in De-Cluttering, Packing and Getting rid of Unwanted Items
  • Decorating and applying the principals of Feng Shui
  • Interior Painting (I was a Professional Painter for 5 years and renovated every house I’ve owned)

I am not an expensive staging company with furnishings to stage a house.  However, simply by decluttering, organizing and using what you already have, you would be amazed at how you can transform the old and breathe new life into your home. Especially with minimal painting!

What could be better than enjoying your final days in your home until it sells and avoiding the chaos when it does?  WHY WAIT?


From 2016 thru 2020, I assisted in putting on dual sport, single track and adventure motorcycle rides in Colorado and California. I have also independently done a few private events for clients. Events are allot of fun and I am open to assisting in anyway I can. As with all my services: If I can do it – I will.


When time just doesn’t allow you to be everywhere you want to be, let me become part of the team and provide personal care by spoiling your parents, friends, relatives or anyone in need by providing security, comfort and joy.

For Peace of Mind, a very heartfelt service for both seniors and people who are faced with loved ones requiring assistance outside of nursing. Bringing joy into the lives of so many who crave it, this is perhaps my favorite and most fun service.

  • Cooking for or with Them
  • Going for Walks
  • Assisting in Paperwork Management
  • Help with Technical Support
  • Going to the Library to pick out Audio Books -or- Paperback
  • Companionship Visits with Meaningful Conversations
  • De-Cluttering and Organizing
  • Downsizing
  • Running Errands Together or Solo
  • Relocation Assistance (Decluttering, Organizing, Packing/Unpacking)
  • Act as a Personal Peace of Mind TEAM Player in Your Absence

Improving the lives of your loved ones, one task at a time!

NOTE: I have an excellent/clean driving record. But I only use client’s vehicles for all transportation WITH clients on-board.


Decorating comes naturally to me and is a great compliment to decluttering and organizing! Especially if painting is involved.


If you’re ready to role up your sleeves and do the work yourself or with me… I now offer consultations. Need guidance within your home or business? Over-whelmed and wondering where to start a project that allows for prosperity and peace to enter into your life? A very rewarding service. Let’s talk!


It’s true, you could hire individual people for some of my services.  But how convenient is it to know someone who is capable of a multitude of tasks, who is highly trustworthy, accustomed to maintaining confidentiality, nonjudgmental, reliable and passionate with great work ethics!
Feeling like you don’t need someone to enter your space and give suggestions? NO WORRIES – I have several clients that create a to-do list and we leave it at that!